Online summit | November 25, 2020

“Any entrepreneur & innovator cannot be left behind wherever you are”

#StartupCitiesSummit is a virtual summit that will bring together entrepreneurial cities and ecosystems from global-EU to showcase and share innovative solutions through a comprehensive online programme by top-level professionals from the public and private sectors

What is the summit about?

Are you an entrepreneur and innovator? It’s free, just one click to join a unique summit that will transform you as a person with a new global-EU innovation space that will be your home forever and an exit to difficult times after a pandemic

Who is this summit for?

Any entrepreneur & innovator wherever they are (cities, villages, remote areas…) at global-EU level but special focus for women, young, innovators and new talent (higher education students + unemployment looking to be entrepreneurs & innovators)

Sectors participating: Companies, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Administrations, Education, Associations, Clusters…


What will the Global StartupCities
Summit be like?


The new pioneer space for innovation

#EiA – European innovation Area.


Geo-economic movement with the best 100 startups & SMEs across Europe as an example of new business opportunities to invest and collaborate outside traditional EU hubs.

Provisional Plenary Program

Time of program: Brussels, Belgium Time Zone (GMT + 1)

12:30 – 12:50h.

Official Opening:Historic launching of #EiA – European innovation Area Commissioner Gabriel ‘Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth’ and Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador (12:30 – 12:40), European Parliament representative – MEP Bușoi chair of the European Parliament’s Industry, Research, and Energy (ITRE) (12:40 – 12:45), Member State representative – Minister Pedro Duque of Science and Innovation of Spain (12:45 – 12:50).

12:50 – 13:00h.

Official Opening: For 2021, “Action Plan of Global StartupCities’ leader Mayors in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. 10 Mayors will lead the 4 priorities: market, young, women, and talent for economic recovery after a pandemic in the #EiA – European innovation Area.

13:00 – 14:00h.

“Global-EU women entrepreneurs in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. Commissioner Gabriel, MEP Carvalho, Mayor Cologne (TBC), Mayor Vantaa (TBC) + 2 people (TBC). Moderator Taryn Andersen, Leader for Women – Global StartupCities initiative 

14:00 – 15:00h.

“Global-EU reskilling and upskilling for new jobs and demand training courses in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. Mayor Braga (TBC), Mayor Ostrava (TBC) + 4 people (TBC). Moderator Susanna Hillenbrand, Leader for Talent – Global StartupCities initiative.

15:00 – 16:00h.

“Assembly of Innovation Strategy Officers + Innovation Teams in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. 10 people of the first wave from 10 EU countries.

16:00 – 16:30h.

“Health iArea & Climate iArea in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. Launching of global-EU calls for breakthrough startups in the Health iArea led by StartupCity Cluj-Napoca and Climate iArea led by StartupCity Valencia. 

16:30 – 17:30h.

“Global-EU young entrepreneurs & innovators rural-urban (StartupVillages) in the #EiA – European innovation Area”. Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica ‘Democracy and Demograph´, Mayor Varna (TBC), Mayor Heraklion (TBC) + 4 people (TBC). Moderator Dimitar Vasilev, Leader for Young – Global StartupCities initiative.

17 to 17:10h.

Official launching “Global-EU Campaign for RUral5.0 strategy”. Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica ‘Democracy and Demography’.

17:30 to 18h.

“Winners of the #EiA Gaming Show”: Global StartupCities Game Jam led by StartupCity Malaga (Francisco Salas) and Global StartupCities eSports competition led by StartupCity Cologne (Gil Baxpehler).

18 to 18:10h.

”Closing: Conclusions & Launching III Global StartupCities Summit”. Arturo Villar, Founder & Coordinator – Global StartupCities initiative. 

5 reasons to attend

To accelerate new business opportunities in any economic sector with special focus in some StartupCities flagships with top 10 startups & SMEs: AgriFood, CleanTech, Ecology, EnviroTech, MedTech, Gaming, eHealth, Airport Mobility and the combinations with deep tech: AI, Blockchain, IoMT, NanoTech, etc.

New strategic collaborations with out-of-the-box: ecosystems, innovation teams, peers entreprenerus & innovators.

Launching of plenty of impact activities, all free for entrepreneurs & innovators, from local to global-EU level within the new pioneer space for innovation “#EiA – European innovation Area”

Special focus for market, young, women and new talent to solve their urgent needs for economic recovery after a pandemic.

Gaming Show has two unique global-EU competitions (co-lead by StartupCity Cologne and Malaga) : Game Jam and eSports (more information available when you register).

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