@uniquesummit – online

Whole week* – Promo videos of 50 co-organisers from 50 cities & XX countries + XX Market rooms of StartupCities co-organisers’ delegations + Bottom-up #EiA’s Global Business Matchmaking.

*Exclusive content on Nov. 24 during @uniquesummit & Global StartupCities Day.

To add content of our 3 strategic umbrellas and a first group of boosters:

1.- Culture as engine of economic development in the new city model “StartupCity”

Creative Economy: UN 2021 International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

Cities & Museums (FYCMA)

2.- Global StartupCities “New Innovation Ecosystems”. Innovation & Digital Transformation

Bottom-up #EiA – European innovation Area: Hybrid startups matchmaking…

Innovation Room: Cross-sector activities

Ecosystems promotion and investment attraction

3.- Sustainability, SDGs, and “New Economy”

Global trends in Sustainable Economy

Green Innovative Hubs & Startups

Expo 2027

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